Get rich and have fun with imaginary currency!

Available Commands:

bank Base command to manage the bank.

leaderboard Print the leaderboard. (lb)

payday Get some free currency.

payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine.

slot Use the slot machine.

freecredits More options to get free credits

weekly Alias for “freecredits weekly” command

daily Alias for “freecredits daily” command

hourly Alias for “freecredits hourly” command

rich Alias for “freecredits all” command

russian Start or join a game of russian roulette.

cooldowns List your remaining cooldowns..

crime Commit a crime, more risk but higher payout.

deposit Deposit cash from your wallet to your bank.

rob Rob another user.

wallet Wallet commands.

withdraw Withdraw cash from your bank to your wallet.

work Work for some cash.