Available Commands:

conv Some utility converters.

embed Post a simple embed.

weather Display weather in a given location

weatherset Set user or guild default units

youtube Search on Youtube.

ytsearch Search on Youtube, multiple results.

translate Translate something by providing a message ID/link, s…

wikipedia Get information from Wikipedia.

notquitenitro Use emojis from any server! It’s not quite nitro…

movie Search for a movie

tv Search for a tv show

8 Ask 8 ball a question.

choose Choose between multiple options.

flip Flip a coin… or a user.

lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link.

roll Roll a random number.

rps Play Rock Paper Scissors.

stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch.

urban Search the Urban Dictionary.

iplookup Show details about an IP address or a domain name (alias: ip, ipinfo)

calculate Math

antonym Displays antonyms for a given word.

define Displays definitions of a given word.

synonym Displays synonyms for a given word.

covid Stats about Covid-19 or countries if provided.

covidnews Covid News from a Country – County must be 2-letter I…

bumpreminder Set a reminder to bump on Disboard. (alias: bprm)